4 days to go! Join our Yule Quilt Collaborative Build!

Our last WBI Quilt collaborative build for BrickCon was so popular, we’re doing it again for virtual Brickworld this month!

It’s easy to participate. Create one or more quilt square using a 6×6 plate (or equivalent) and build a winter or holiday image in that small space.

The preferred way to submit your quilt square(s) is on this Google form. Can’t access the form? You can email your entries to brickwyrm (at) gmail (dot) com.

Tips to remember:

  • Please use a white background behind your square(s).
  • Please photograph from directly overhead. (farther, but zoomed on individual squares, is best for multiple squares or those with lots of 3D elements)
  • Please square up the image as best you can.
  • Please use good lighting.

Images (but no names) will be posted in a composite quilt on social media and the WBI event at Brickworld on Dec 12.

The deadline to submit is December 4! Four more days!

Let’s get quilting!

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