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The Women’s’ Brick Initiative conducts ongoing research of LEGO products, primarily in the areas of racial and gender diversity. We also produce tutorials, charts, graphs, social media memes and other types of imagery that may be useful to you.

Paul Lee’s Basic MOC Photography Tutorial

Comic artist and LEGO aficionado Paul Lee was kind enough to write up this basic photography tutorial for our Facebook group. With his permission, we’ve posted it here and added links to a couple of handy free resources to help you take amazing photos of your MOCs.

Research on Racial Diversity:

Diverse LEGO Minifigure Petition

Analysis of LEGO Disney Princess – Part 1 & Part 2

People of Color Representation in IP LEGO Themes

A History of LEGO Catalogs

Skin Tone Presence on Female Minifigures

LEGO DOTS: Product Line Marketing Done Right

Research on Gender Diversity:

Which Actors Have the Most Minifigures? A Gender Analysis

Female Minifigures in IP LEGO Themes

Minidolls vs. Minifigures: Which Costs More?

A History of LEGO Catalogs

Weaponizing Some and Fantasizing Others: Gender Bias in Custom Minifigures

The State of Gender and Custom Minifigures

LEGO Star Wars and Gender Equity

LEGO DOTS: Product Line Marketing Done Right

Analysis of Female Minifigure Torsos

Gender Balance in LEGO City – An Update

Additional Resources:

We got tired of responding to the same issues over and over again, so we created these slides in response. If you find them helpful, feel free to use them in future conversations on the issue. Right-click to save what you need or download the entire set as a .zip file.

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