Women Designers of LEGO

Pie chart: Designer features in LEGO instruction books

Using Brickset, LEGO Designer videos, instruction booklet features, LinkedIn and Google, we’ve begun compiling a list of women LEGO creatives and designers and the products they’ve worked on. Some of these designers have created and maintained their own set lists at Brickset which is why their numbers are (currently) higher and more complete. We would love your assistance in making this list more comprehensive! Continue reading

Watch this space!

After an incredibly busy summer, our interns are back off to school (virtually). We’re now almost ready to start sharing everything that we’ve been working on for the last few months. In the coming weeks and months, these are just some of the topics you’ll see covered right here. Our… Continue reading

Meet Our Interns!

Thanks to our partnership with Smith College, WBI is pleased to share that we have five interns this summer!  Have you ever wondered how many minifig heads are female?  And of those, how many are yellow?  How many women of colour have been represented in minfig form?  How many different… Continue reading