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We are a strong and passionate group of Builders dedicated to changing the world one LEGO brick at a time. 

In 1963 the LEGO company developed a set of guidelines – a LEGO constitution so to speak – to guide both the consumers and the customers of LEGO.

These 10 basic characteristics become the core of LEGO development and guided the company. Number two on this list was to design toys for “Girls and Boys”.

The Women’s Brick Collective wants to bring the focus of building and creating with LEGO back to women and girls.

We are dedicated to inspiring girls and women to build with LEGO.

We want to demonstrate that the simple plastic brick can be used in a variety of creative ways beyond traditional building.

Through bricks, photography and jewelry we transform bits of plastic into items of beauty and magical worlds.

Meet The Team

Alice Finch

Mother, Educator, Equity Advocate, LEGO Designer and Author, WBI and Brick Alliance Co-Founder
Megan Lum

Megan Lum

Writer, Leader, Engineer, Brickset Writer, Corporate Leader, Unabashed AFOL
Jyoti Patel

Jyoti Patel

Facilitator, Consultant, Principle, Spille, LLC Workshop Leader, Serious Play Facilitator

Gretchen Cawthon

Women's Advocate, Brand Strategist, Web Developer, Stud.io Expert
C J Minifig



Seth Myers

WBI Contributor, GAYFOL

Catrin Johnson

AFOL & LEGO® Artist

Emily T

AFOL, Mental Health Advocate, Cosplayer

Jana Walker


Caleb Inman

Subject Matter Experts

Shelly Corbett

Shelly Corbett

Photographer, Minifig Fan
JacQueline Sanchez, Jewelry Designer

JacQueline Sanchez

Jewelry Designer, Multimedia Artist, Metalsmith

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