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Megan Lum

Writer, Leader, Engineer, Brickset Writer, Corporate Leader, Unabashed AFOL
Megan Lum

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Chicago, IL

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An unabashed AFOL, Megan brings over 20 years of experience working in leadership in the corporate world to the Women’s Brick Initiative.  As a woman engineer, she has built a successful career in a profession that is dominated by men.  She finds it quite ironic that her choice of hobby has the same gender issues.

She only had a single LEGO set when a child as it wasn’t considered a “girl’s toy” by her family. As an adult, Megan collected several smaller sets but really came out of her Dark Ages after stumbling across a copy of 10173 Holiday Train on sale.  She has more than made up for her LEGO deprivation as a child since as her current LEGO collection now includes more than 500 sets, 1,000 minifigures and over 250,000 pieces.

Megan started writing for Brickset in 2015 after attending the LEGO Inside Tour in Billund.  Her Brickset portfolio includes set reviews, interviews, and her interactions with the LEGO community.