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Shelly Corbett

Photographer, Minifig Fan
Shelly Corbett

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As a long time Seattle art photographer, my work has primarily focused on the human figure. A while back I was introduced to the photo social media site Instagram, and through some quirk of fate, I was drawn into the world of toy photography. I quickly became inspired by the clever, imaginative ways my fellow toy photographers were able to bring their toys to life. My husband and children are huge Lego fans and our collection of bricks is vast and growing. Integrating my love of photography with my family’s favorite hobby seemed a natural fit.

Over the past eight years I’ve endeavored to share my love and knowledge of photography with the online toy photography community. I’ve done this through Instagram feature sites and through blogging. I founded Brick Central on Instagram and the blogs Stuck in Plastic and my latest project Toy Photographers. In all these projects I have encouraged more people to join me in this fun and relaxing hobby.

In addition to my online presence, I’m also a working artist. I share my original 2-D mixed media art at art festivals, brick and geek conventions as well as at local coffee shops in the Pacific Northwest.

I’m excited to join the Women’s Brick Initiative. My goal is to share my knowledge of mini figures and photography with a brand new audience while growing and learning from this vibrant community.

For more information about me and my work please visit: shellycorbett.com