JacQueline Sanchez

JacQueline has been a jewelry designer for over 25 years. For the past 18 years LEGO® bricks have been a big part of her practice. Her love for architecture inspired her to use LEGO bricks as an art medium in her work.  She creates wearable modern art using artisanal methods. Each piece of jewelry from the her studio is created with a passion for design and the highest standards in craftsmanship and durability. JacQueline continues to win numerous awards and accolades for her unique use of LEGO bricks.

 LEGO® represents a lot for many people. JacQueline feels LEGO has changed her life and the way she creates her work. Over time her pieces have evolved into a new body of work telling her forever young story with more of a sophisticated perspective while still honoring “play” . Her latest line-Portland Skies symbolizes the rain and clouds of the Portland, Oregon skies followed by the re-emerging beauty of the city.

She is honored to be apart of the LEGO community and has a deep passion in helping women and girls find different ways of incorporating LEGO into their lives. Visit her website at https://jacquelinesanchez.com/.

JacQueline at The Women’s Brick Initiative workshop in Denmark for the Skaerbaek Fan Weekend

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