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Alice Finch

Mother, Educator, Equity Advocate, LEGO Designer and Author, WBI and Brick Alliance Co-Founder

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Seattle, WA

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Architecture and Creator

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Sand Green

Alice Finch is an award-winning designer, builder, educator, and author. She is particularly interested in architecture and landscaping, and often builds collaboratively with her children as well as others in the wider LEGO community.

Neuropathy in her hands and arms has caused her to shift from building to educating with bricks. She spends much of her time doing research and promoting ways to make the LEGO community more welcoming and equitable, and volunteering in schools where kids use bricks as the collaborative medium for creating art.

Unpleasant experiences as a new AFOL prompted her to create a place that supports, inspires, and empowers women and girls. She co-founded the Women’s Brick Initiative and the Brick Alliance to focus on the importance of equity, diversity, inclusion, and belonging across all aspects of the LEGO ecosystem.