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Jana Walker


About Jana




Bainbridge Island, WA

Building Since

Since I was 5

Favorite Themes


Favorite Sets

Disney Cinderella Castle

Favorite Minifigs


Favorite LEGO Color

Dark Pink, Medium Lavender, Medium Azure, Coral

👩‍💼 Hi there! I’m a Salesforce Consultant at Skywalker Consulting, but my most cherished role is being a mom to a wonderful brood of 11 amazing children. 🧡

📚 I’ve had the privilege of homeschooling all of them right through high school, which has been an incredible journey of learning and growth for all of us. 🏫

🧱 Our family absolutely loves LEGO – it’s a shared passion that brings us together for countless creative adventures. 🏰

👩‍👧‍👦 In addition to being a mom, I’ve been actively involved in leadership roles in various kids’ organizations, nurturing their growth and development. 🌟

🥁 Many of my kids have even been part of a bagpipe band, adding a unique and musical twist to our family’s story. 🎵

🧶 When I’m not busy with my family and career, you’ll often find me with knitting needles in hand, crafting cozy creations. ✨

✈️ Travel is another passion of mine – exploring new places and experiencing different cultures is an enriching and inspiring adventure. 🌍

🌐 I’m an enthusiastic geocacher, always on the hunt for hidden treasures and new experiences. 🔍

🤖 Professionally, I bring a diverse skill set to the table, ranging from Salesforce Administration and Business Analysis to Marketing, Project Management, and even AI Prompt Engineering. 💼

🧱 I also run a Salesforce LEGO group, merging my professional expertise with my love for LEGO. 🤝

🌟 Above all, I have a deep passion for nonprofit work, using my skills to make a positive impact on the world. Together, we can build a better future! 🌈✨ #AboutMe #MomOf11 #LEGOEnthusiast #SalesforceConsultant #PassionForNonprofits