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Caleb Inman

About Caleb


He, him


Salem, OR

Building Since

Age 10

Favorite Themes

Creator, City

Favorite Sets

8398 BBQ Stand; 3179 Repair Truck; 7744 Police Headquarters; 60204 City Hospital; 4999 Vestas Wind Turbine

Favorite Minifigs

Chell from Portal, and a custom minifigure of King Azaz from The Phantom Tollbooth, whom I played in a theater production in my youth.

Favorite LEGO Color

Orange, translucent purple glitter

When Caleb was 10 years old, the gift of a Lego set launched him into an entire new universe, one made of automatic binding bricks that he could use to express his deepest imaginations and engage his greatest curiosities. From Lego Ideas to MOCpages, from Flickr to Instagram, Caleb has made friends and exhibited his passion for the plastic brick.

Caleb’s interest in Lego began as a way to express two sides of his personality: the creative and the analytical. He enjoys pursuing an artistic vision with the limited “pallete” of Lego pieces. But what keeps Caleb building is definitely the people in the hobby. Friends on chat forums, Discord, and in-person Lego conventions have been the primary motivator and inspiration for his builds.

Caleb is passionate about building bridges in the Lego community. He is excited for his journey with Womens Brick Initiative, and will focus on promoting gender equity in the Lego community. His special interest is discovering and sharing all the new and amazing ways that people interact with and celebrate the creative potential of the Lego brick.