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WBI’s 2022 Top Ten LEGO List for Equity and Inclusion (and Five Opportunities)

LEGO had a great year in 2022 for equity and inclusion.  As part of WBI’s year end tradition, we’re pleased to share our 2022 Top...
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What do you get for a $20 set? A comparative review

by Rose Porta, Kira S, and Yutong Zhang We (the interns) were sent six $20 LEGO sets for WBI’s annual review of $20 sets. We...
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WBI’s 2021 Top Ten LEGO List for Equity and Inclusion (and Five Opportunities)

We thought last year was a great year for LEGO, but 2021 has been just as outstanding.  In what will be an annual tradition, WBI...
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Comparison of 2020 $20 sets

WBI Decided to look at sets from the $20 price range to see the similarities and disparities between themes. The sets examined here range from...
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Comparison Review: 2021 $20 sets

What do you get for $20? We asked one of our interns (and their daughter) to build several 2021 sets and let us know what...
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Review: Periodic Table of the LEGO Colors

If you’ve been on social media at all over the course of the last few months, you’ve undoubtedly seen the ads for The Periodic Table...
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Set Review: 21326 Winnie The Pooh

The latest in the highly popular LEGO Ideas theme is 21326 Winnie the Pooh.  This was a favourite of mine as a child and I...
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WBI’s 2020 Best and Worst in LEGO for Equity and Inclusion

We’re close to the end of this marathon called the year 2020, and it’s been quite a year for LEGO.  WBI took a look at...
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