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Racial Diversity

Analysis of LEGO Disney Princess – Part 2

by Stephanie Taylor In the first half of our Disney Princess analysis, we looked at Disney Princess sets.  We conclude the analysis by taking a...
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Analysis of LEGO Disney Princess – Part 1

by Stephanie Taylor As a building toy that generally markets towards children, it makes perfect sense that LEGO would want to partner with Disney. Afterall,...
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People of Color representation in IP LEGO themes

For most of LEGO’s time creating IP (intellectual property) minifigures, they have been the only figures that were in human skin tones, as all other...
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A History of LEGO Catalogs

Catalogs are published once or twice a year, and especially avid LEGO users can subscribe to the Club Magazines. Catalogs enable users to connect to...
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Skin Tone Presence on Female Minifigures

By Emelyn Chiang It is evident that the LEGO minifigure population is not representative of our real world community at large. Minifigure heads and torsos overwhelmingly...
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LEGO DOTS: Product Line Marketing Done Right

LEGO DOTS is a line of LEGO toys released on March 1, 2020. This line is very unique and different from other LEGO themes in...
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