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LEGO DOTS: Product Line Marketing Done Right

Published January 7, 2021 By Megan Lum | 1 Comments

LEGO DOTS is a line of LEGO toys released on March 1, 2020. This line is very unique and different from other LEGO themes in many ways. Most of the products and the collection have some type of utility or use as well as a creative and decorative purpose. The focus on these products are mostly about these tiny DOTS LEGO tile pieces that placed together, can create patterns and images. But one of the key things that make LEGO DOTS unique is the concept and marketing strategy for the bracelets, pencil holders, etc. in the collection.

            To begin with, although one might think that LEGO DOTS is a product geared specifically towards girls because there are bracelets and jewelry holders in the product line, it is actually made clear from the first image on their website that DOTS is for everyone. The main image has five kids, two of which are boys and three of which are people of color. Of the eight models involved in the product advertising on their website, there are three boys and five people of color. There is a focus within the advertising that the product was designed for everyone, despite the fact that one might take one glance and think this line would only be advertised towards girls.

The LEGO DOTS advertising also has a number of instructional and design videos for the product. The videos are heavily displayed on the website, but also appear on Youtube and are linked on LEGO social media. Of the four DOTS Youtube videos, three of them have an equal number of women and men presenting the product in the video.

Video 11 f + 1 m
Video 21 f + 1 m
Video 31 f
Video 42 f + 2 m

            The lead designers for LEGO DOTS are also very involved in the presentation of the product and appear multiple times on the website. They display the products, the concept behind them, and how they are used in multiple different places on the product. The designers, Laura Perron and Chiara Biscontin, emphasize the use of creativity when making designs and patterns with DOTS. In the LEGO DOTS Behind the Designer Youtube video, it was mentioned that they wanted to encourage self expression, creativity, and that there were no rules. Most importantly, they mentioned that DOTS is a product for everyone, that everyone, no matter what age, can enjoy.

            In the design video, they state that the purpose of the product is for kids to “Not doubt themselves” and “be encouraged”. Laura and Chiara sum the purpose of DOTS up perfectly by saying this freeing stance.

“I think you hear a lot of kids say maybe like “oh I can’t do it, I’m not good enough for this, or I won’t be able to do that, and I think my aim and I think ours [aim] is just for them to delete that.”

“There’s no right or wrong answer. It’s just all about experimenting and finding out what you like and don’t like. And then, sometimes you need that freedom and permission to just go wild. Do what you want.”

This message is something that resonates with everyone regardless of gender. This video also puts the message at the forefront of the product.

The LEGO DOTS line is marketing and product concept design done right. It is clear that the purpose of the product, creativity and empowerment, is at the forefront of the marketing and the product designers’ minds. It is made clear that LEGO is for everyone no matter your doubt in your design abilities or creativity you think you have or not. It is also clear that due to the equity in gender and ethnicity distribution in all of the different forms and sources of advertising media, LEGO DOTS is a line that is advertised for everyone, made for everyone, and created with everyone in mind. The diverse, inclusive, encouraging, and creative LEGO DOTS line is a perfect example of what LEGO marketing should look more like in the future.

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