How often does LEGO use the same head on a minifigure? Analysis of Head Repetition (Part 1)

by Yutong Zhang and Rose Porta What’s in a minifigure?  Have a feeling you’ve seen a “new” minifigure before?  Chances are you probably have. LEGO has produced over 14,000 different minifigures over the years, and each new minifigure does not have new individual parts. Existing parts are often mixed and… Continue reading

How Does LEGO See Working Women? Analysis of Gender Representation in Professions

by Yutong Zhang and Rose Porta Profession representation is important in LEGO minifigures, because every profession should be valued and acknowledged equally in society. In addition, children are more likely to pursue their dreams if they can see themselves in the professions playing with toys. This prompted us to investigate… Continue reading

Women Designers of LEGO

Pie chart: Designer features in LEGO instruction books

Using Brickset, LEGO Designer videos, instruction booklet features, LinkedIn and Google, we’ve begun compiling a list of women LEGO creatives and designers and the products they’ve worked on. Some of these designers have created and maintained their own set lists at Brickset which is why their numbers are (currently) higher and more complete. We would love your assistance in making this list more comprehensive! Continue reading