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Build-Your-Own Professional Minifigure Campaign Flowchart

Published March 13, 2023 By Kira Seshaiah | 0 Comments

The idea of this flowchart started with a conversation when trying to find minifigures in different professions. We were having a hard time finding specific minifigures, and wanted to make a way to easily design a minifigure in any profession and doing any activity. LEGO has been releasing more and more parts each year displaying diversity in skin tones, gender identities, ages, and abilities/disabilities, and yet it is surprisingly difficult to locate these parts that might actually look like you among the sea of yellow, alien, and abstract creature faces that is BrickLink. 

Because this is unnecessarily challenging and because it is so important that everyone can see themselves in minifigs, we have compiled a flowchart with hand-curated parts that might narrow down the choices for you and facilitate the process of building yourself as a minifig. 

We recommend using the flowchart with good internet access, and on a laptop to have the experience we envisioned. 

Here are the steps to use the flowchart:

  1. Start from the beginning and at each step, click one of the buttons to travel through the flowchart. As you navigate through, you will choose a wig/hat, a head, a torso, legs/a skirt, and finally an accessory for your minifig. 
  2. At every item (before advancing to the next section), the button will take you to a set of images. Click the button to see the curated parts, and click the link below the image of the parts to view the item on BrickLink. 
  3. The BrickLink page will open for that part in a new tab, then return to the flowchart and click “return to section” to continue with the flowchart. 
  4. Continue working through the flowchart, and by the end of the flowchart, you will have created a unique minifigure representing you!

All the images used have been curated to highlight diversity between all the parts. We were not able to include all the parts we wanted to, as there are thousands of parts, so keep that in mind if none of the parts work for the minifigure.

If you want to explore the options for yourself beyond the ones we have provided, we have compiled some useful [search strategies] to more easily find what you are looking for. 

If you don’t want to make a minifigure, but want to learn about the process behind creating the flowchart and see the flowchart in whole, we’ll explain it in a future post.

We hope you enjoy making a minifigure! 


the end

Part 65579, Part 76917pb01, Part 93217pb01, Part 28664pb01

short hat

Part 65478pb01, Part 27132pb01, Part 28430pb01, Part 53980pb01

short bald

Part 15491pb02, Part 12893pb03, Part 12893pb04

short no accessories

Part 36060, Part 23186, Part 62810, Part 10048, Part 62711, Part 25972, Part 26139, Part 20877, Part 11256

medium hat

Part 35660pb03, Part 35660pb04, Part 35660pb06, Part 68502pb01, Part 35742pb01, Part 95352pb01

medium dyed

Part 20877pb01, Part 28798pb01, Part 66915pb01

medium hair with ties

Part 25750pb01, Part 25750pb03, Part 25405pb01

medium no accessories

Part 88283, Part 6093, Part 88283, Part 95226, Part 59363, Part 23187

long hat

Part 10168pb01, Part 52686pb04, Part 66980pb01, Part 16178pb01, Part 52686pb05, Part 52686pb02

long hair with ties

Part 28432pb01, Part 17347pb001, Part 36994pb01, Part 68508pb01

long no accessories

Part 40239, Part 34316, Part 20595, Part 24072, Part 95225, Part 92082, Part 13750, Part 83345

hat full brim

Part 26007, Part 13565, Part 90307pb04, Part 13788pb02, Part 3878pb01, Part 15424pb01, Part 95674pb01

hat partial brim

Part 95319pb01, Part 41597

hat no brim

Part 36933pb01, Part 99246pb01


Part 2446pb09, Part 80500, Part 2446px8, Part 2446pb29 

full head

Part 95678pb03, Part 80806pb01, Part 99244pb01 

in the air

Part 30171, Part 57900pb03, Part 19023c01

at seas

Part 93557pb01, Part 10165c01, Part 12895pb01, Part 57881


Part 93219pb07, Part 3898


Part 92814


Part 93566c01pb01, Part 93566c02pb01


Part 69971pb01, Part 3834


Part 15530pb01, Part 3624, Part 2446px2, Part 4485pb01


Part 4485pb02, Part 98378 


Part 3833, Part 13792pb01, Part 18899pb01


Part 30325, Part 98289

neutral feminine

Part 3626cpb2593, Part 3626cpb2403, Part 3626cpb1438, Part 3626cpb2403, Part 3626cpb2490, Part 3626cpb2286

neutral masculine

Part 3626bpx276, Part 3626bpb0171, Part 3626bpb0535, Part 3626cpb2905

neutral neutral

Part 3626cpb2092, Part 3626cpb2395, Part 3626bp01

happy feminine

Part 3626cpb2384, Part 3626cpb2706, Part 3626cpb3015, Part 3626cpb2696

happy masculine

Part 3626cpb2097, Part 3626bpb0538, Part 3626bpb0023 

happy neutral

Part 3626cpb2397, Part 3626cpb2186, Part 3626cpb2831

excited/surprise feminine

Part 3626cpb2392, Part 3626cpb2985, Part 3626cpb2802

excited/surprise masculine

Part 3626bpb0537, Part 3626cpb2907, Part 3626cpb0530, Part 3626cpb3016

excited/surprise neutral

Part 3626cpb1717, Part 3626cpb2393

sad feminine

Part 3626cpb2624, Part 3626cpb2348

sad masculine

Part 3626cpb1998, Part 3626cpb1200

sad neutral

Part 3626cpb2268, Part 3626cpb2399, Part 3626cpb2992  

glasses feminine

Part 3626cpb1785, Part 3626cpb2422, Part 3626cpb2736, Part 3626cpb2910

glasses masculine

Part 3626bpb0485, Part 3626cpb2443 

glasses neutral

Part 3626cpb1182, Part 3626cpb2999, Part 3626bp04

feminine formal

Part 973pb2176c01, Part 973pb4051c01, Part 973pb1943c01, Part 973pb2791c01, Part 973pb0333c01, Part 973pb3958c01, Part 973pb2052c01, Part 973pb2175c01, Part 973pb3274c01, Part 973pb3985c01, Part 973pb4381c01, Part 973pb1506c01

feminine casual

Part 973pb3231c01, Part 973pb3629c01, Part 973pb2087c01, Part 973pb3095c01, Part 973pb1558c01, Part 973pb3626c01, Part 973pb2680c01, Part 973pb3126c01, Part 973pb2063c01

masculine formal

Part 973pb4464c01, Part 973pb2251c01, Part 973pb3230c01, Part 973pb4454c01, Part 973pb4591c01, Part 973pb1183c01

masculine casual

Part 973pb3096c01, Part 973pb3960c01, Part 973pb3596c01, Part 973pb4719c01, Part 973pb2086c01, Part 973pb3181c01, Part 973pb2066c01, Part 973pb3162c01

indoor food

Part 973pb4184c01, Part 973pb2335c01

indoor scientist

Part 973pb3609c01, Part 973pb2019c01, Part 973pb2505c01 

indoor medical

Part 973pb4534c01, Part 973pb3140c01, Part 973pb3139c01, Part 973pb1182c01, Part 973px500c01, Part 973pb2695c01

air pilot

Part 973pb3948c01, Part 973pb0098c01, Part 973pb4120c01, Part 973pb3999c01, Part 973pb0109c01, Part 973pb3749c01

air jumpsuit

Part 973pb4174c01, Part 973pb3558c01


Part 973pb1406c01, Part 973pb0434c01 


Part 973pb1302c01, Part 973pb2187c01, Part 973pb3383c01


Part 973pb3376c01, Part 973pb2606c01, Part 973pb4195c01, Part 973pb3687c01, Part 973pb2663c01


Part 973pb3148c01, Part 973pb3898c01, Part 973pb4353c01 


Part 973pb0263c01, Part 973pb1895c01, Part 973pb1250c01, Part 973pb0415c01

shorter legs

Part 41879, Part 41879pb004, Part 41879pb024

longer legs shorts

Part 970c00pb0508, Part 970c00pb0150, Part 970c00pb0616

longer legs pants

Part 970c00pb0731, Part 970c00pb0821, Part 970c00pb0403, Part 970c00, Part 970c00pb0042

shorter skirt

Part 970c00pb0741, Part 970c00pb1131, Part 970c00pb0198, Part 970c00pb0613, Part 970c00pb0854, Part 970c00pb0058, Part 970c00pb0498, Part 970c00pb1339

longer skirt

Part 36036pb24, Part 36036pb06, Part 36036pb07, Part 36036pb10, Part 36036, Part 36036pb032, Part 36036pb03, Part 36036pb30, Part 36036pb31

backpack everyday use

Part 30158, Part 92590, Part 12897

backpack camping

Part 2524, Part 26073pb03

handheld travel

Part 37702pb01c01, Part 4449pb08

handheld work

Part 4449, Part 98368


Part 71342, Part 93221pb03


Part 30148, Part 30089


Part 93551, Part 48303, Part 93552, Part 93551pb02

moving items

Part 2495

moving minifigs

Part 24312c01


Part 76700, Part 93220pb03, Part bb0591


Part 62698pb04, Part 62698, Part 62698pb10, Part 19220


Part 64644, Part 26603pb076


Part 33009pb054, Part 33009pb042, Part 33009pb056, Part 33009pb058


Part 11402f, Part 4006, Part 3837, Part 3836, Part 3835

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