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How Many Female Minifigs in LEGO Town Have the Same Face? Analysis of Head Repetition Part 2

What’s in a minifigure?  Have a feeling you’ve seen a “new” minifigure before? Chances are you probably have. LEGO has produced over 14,000 different minifigures...
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How often does LEGO use the same head on a minifigure? Analysis of Head Repetition (Part 1)

by Yutong Zhang and Rose Porta What’s in a minifigure?  Have a feeling you’ve seen a “new” minifigure before?  Chances are you probably have. LEGO...
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How Does LEGO See Working Women? Analysis of Gender Representation in Professions

by Yutong Zhang and Rose Porta Profession representation is important in LEGO minifigures, because every profession should be valued and acknowledged equally in society. In...
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Calling in, Calling out, Curious: the Three C’s Response Plan

by Rose Porta, Kira S, and Yutong Zhang When doing social justice work, you are bound to encounter individuals who will criticize you and your...
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What color minifigure represents you best?

When you make a sigfig, what colour parts do you choose? The Women’s Brick Initiative (WBI) has updated the survey we conducted two years ago....
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A Study of Gender Bias in Animals in Friends sets

When examining the animals in varying LEGO sets, two different methods were used in comparing animals in sets made predominantly for girls and women and...
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Gender Inequality of the CMF Series

Gender bias and discrimination could not be clearer when looking at the LEGO CMFs. Looking at and analyzing CMFs from series 1 through series 20,...
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Complete Sigfig Head Flow Chart

If you’re new to the LEGO hobby, one of the first things most want to do is create a signature minifigure (sigfig) of themselves. We...
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Pie chart: Designer features in LEGO instruction books

Women Designers of LEGO

We’re loving the designer features in some of the newer LEGO set instruction booklets and always look forward to designer videos – but given who...
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Analysis of LEGO Disney Princess – Part 2

by Stephanie Taylor In the first half of our Disney Princess analysis, we looked at Disney Princess sets.  We conclude the analysis by taking a...
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Analysis of LEGO Disney Princess – Part 1

by Stephanie Taylor As a building toy that generally markets towards children, it makes perfect sense that LEGO would want to partner with Disney. Afterall,...
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Which Actors Have the Most Minifigures? A Gender Analysis

Four to one. That’s the ratio of male to female actors included in the June 2020 analysis of “Which Actor has the most minifigures?” on...
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