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Thousands of Minifig Heads, and Still Not Enough Options? Analysis of Diverse Representation in Minifigure Heads (Part 2)

Published May 16, 2023 By Kira Seshaiah | 1 Comments

This is Part 2 of the article series. It’s recommended to read Part 1 before Part 2. 

If minifigs are meant to represent people living in the world, everyone deserves to see themselves represented. Currently, despite the existence of 3,300 facial expression options for minifig heads meant to represent humans, there are very few options for people of color, and especially for women or non-binary folks of color. We have created this table summarizing the total number of options for each gender-age-color-emotion category available on BrickLink to highlight the extreme over-representation of white, young adult males and under-representation of all other demographic groups. 

The methods outlining the data collection for the flowchart is highlighted in the last post, along with charts depicting the broader conclusions found. 

The intention of the table is for anyone to be able to locate the gender-age-color category that they identify with, and from there see how many options there are for each emotion. If you are interested in viewing the specific options that represent you in BrickLink, we also provide the link to a database that displays the options for each gender-age category with photos, descriptions, and links to BrickLink for each category. 

To operate the table simply click on an image to see a bigger version of it, along with the link to the data for the specific category. To return back to the table, click the button that says “Return to table” and you’ll be back to it.

Gretchen loves LEGO as much as she loves building websites, which makes being part of the WBI Team as fitting as two perfectly aligned bricks.

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  • Would you be able to link Part 1 at the top of this article? Currently the two have publish dates that don’t put them right next to each other and they don’t link to each other. Some way to easily find the starting point would be helpful.

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