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Celebrating International Women’s Day

Published March 8, 2021 By Megan Lum | 0 Comments

There have been some excellent posts today from all corners of the internet celebrating women in LEGO. We would recommend that you check out Jay’s Brick Blog, whose entry today highlights 50 women LEGO creators everyone should know about (thanks for the shout-out for WBI, Jay! We also love that The BrickNerd chose to feature WBI’s first community quilt, spearheaded by our own Daneen McDermott.

As we have always said at WBI, and as Jay’s post mentions, there are more ways to spread the LEGO spirit than just building. We want to take this opportunity to highlight women who aren’t headliners, but who contribute to some of the more popular LEGO websites. Their work are more behind the scenes, and the product of their efforts help spread the LEGO news to everyone. Not to mention, time spent writing takes away from building time, we doubly recognize that effort!

We appreciate both the contributors and those who run those websites for providing platforms for women’s voices to be heard:

Tips & Bricks: Run by Alex Johnson, he recently added staff; among them Kat Sipe, Jamay Li, and Barbara Hoel as their diversity ambassador.

New Elementary: Tim Johnson runs a fabulous site, and Caz Mockett is one of the contributors who brightens our day.

For the Love of Brick: Greg McDonald is the face of the podcast, but credit also needs to go to his wife Kim, who handles all the behind the scenes work. If you have time, check out the interview with WBI from last year.

BrickNerd: Recently retooled under the guidance of Dave Schefcik, BrickNerd has added a number of women contributors to its staff, including Gwyneth Kozbial, Malin Kylinger, Inez Vasquez, Geneva Durand, Maria Straatsma, and Sue Ann Barber.

Brickset: The most visited LEGO fan website on the web has had Megan Lum as a contributor for the last five years. (Note: Megan is also a director at WBI).

Have we missed anyone? Let us know! We’d love to see this list grow longer in future years.

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