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Complete Sigfig Head Flow Chart

Published October 31, 2021 By Megan Lum | 0 Comments

If you’re new to the LEGO hobby, one of the first things most want to do is create a signature minifigure (sigfig) of themselves. We wondered, how easy is that to do, especially if you’re a woman, or person of colour?

To answer, we (or rather, our interns) looked at every flesh-toned and yellow LEGO minifigure head produced and logged onto Bricklink (as of July 30, 2021). The results were startling. We posted the graphic at the top of the page to highlight the discrepancies.

It was met with mixed reactions, with many asking to see the complete set of data. We are providing that here in a flow chart. Additional analysis and charts will follow in the coming days.

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