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Published October 7, 2020 By Megan Lum | 0 Comments

After an incredibly busy summer, our interns are back off to school (virtually). We’re now almost ready to start sharing everything that we’ve been working on for the last few months. In the coming weeks and months, these are just some of the topics you’ll see covered right here.

  • Our diverse minifigure petition is live! Click here to read more about it, and here to sign the petition
  • We conducted a survey over the summer of almost 5,000 AFOLs as to what LEGO skin tone they would use in their minifig
  • A timeline of female minifigures
  • An analysis of female minifig torsos
  • Price analysis of minifigures vs. minidolls
  • A top ten list of LEGO sets that promote equality and diversity

……and more!

We’re very excited to share it with you. We’ll start publishing in the next few days.

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