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Duck Collaboration for Bricks Cascade

Published January 28, 2020 By Shelly Corbett | 13 Comments

The WBI would like to invite you to join us in a collaborative build for Bricks Cascade in Portland, Oregon, Feb 28th – March 1st. This is our first collaborative build and we want to make a splash!

We’re on our way to Bricks Cascade!

The Build

One of the first and best known products released by LEGO in the 1930’s was the Wooden Duck. The duck was later remade in LEGO bricks as 2011 LEGO Duck


We thought this would be an appropriate first group build. But rather than reproducing set 2011 we invite you to create a duck that reflects your unique personality. I made mine to look like the woods that I love to wander through in search of great photo locations. But maybe your duck will look like a princess and wear a crown? Or maybe you have a little of the devil in you and will sprout a cool set of horns? Build a duck that best reflects your unique personality!

Below you will find the black and white exploded diagram of the duck build. If you would like a LDD file or full PDF instructions sent to you, send me a note through our contact page and I will send it to you asap.

Bricks Cascade

To participate in this collaborative display at Bricks Cascade you will either need to register for the convention or mail your build to us and we will bring it for you. Whatever method you choose, we will need to know in advance so we can reserve enough display space. Simply leave a comment below or get in touch with any of the principles of the WBI and we will reserve space for your special duck!

Our goal is to have one large Mama duck (created by Alice Finch) sporting the WBI colors surrounded by one of her many unique offspring. I’ve never built or modified a set before and I’m quite proud of my little foliage covered duck. I hope she will be surrounded by lots of other unique ducks created by our awesome Women’s Brick Initiative community.

See you at Bricks Cascade!!



  • Heather Sato

    Sounds like a great project. Will you post photos on the WBI website so those who cannot make it to the convention can see the ducks too?

  • I love you project!
    I hope something similar happens in France too!

  • Naomi Takeuchi

    Looks like Amie from the Unicorns team from LEGO Masters will be at Bricks Cascade. Has anyone reached out to her to see if she wants to meet with us while she is there? (And maybe add to the duck collab?)

    • Naomi – Megan is working through her Brickset connections to connect with all the women from LM who will be at BC. I will reach out to ask her to see if anyone wants to add to the duck build. The more the merrier! Shelly

  • Ally House

    I am trying to get the pdf of the build. I cannot get past your captia “I am not a robot” after approximately 30 attempts of all kinds of methods. Can you help me?

  • Karyn L Aho

    I am trying to get the pdf of the build. I cannot get past your captia “I am not a robot” after approximately 30 attempts of all kinds of methods. Can you help me?

  • Daneen McDermott

    I’ll be at BricksCascade and bring mine directly there. Should I register it as well? (Any special wording?)

    • Daneen -from what I can tell, letting us know that you’re bringing a duck is all we need. I will let Nyssa R know that you and Ali are bringing ducks. We are putting a list together and she will ask for enough space for all of us. I cant wait to see what you came up with! 😀

  • Ali Perry

    I’m so excited!!! I’m in. I’ll be driving down from Bainbridge Island so if anyone needs their duck transported from the Seattle area, lmk and we can coordinate. Now I have an ear worm of ‘Five Little Ducks.’ Thanks a lot. 😉 LOL

    • Ali I’m so excited that you will be joining our group display! I look forward to seeing your duck and hanging out at Bricks Cascade!! <3

  • I absolutely love this project 👍🏻🙋🏻

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