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The Meeting of the Minds

Published January 14, 2020 By JacQueline Sanchez | 1 Comments

Last weekend all of us from the board of The Women’s Brick Initiative had a retreat. Alice, Shelly, Joyti, Megan, and myself discussed our plans for the coming year and our overall strategy for the future on how we can better support women in the LEGO community and provide a safe space for anyone who identifies as a women. We want to increase representation of women and other underrepresented groups within all aspects of the LEGO ecosystem. The actions we are striving for are to inspire, support, and empower.

We ended our retreat by following Shelly’s philosophy of giving yourself permission to play- We got to work in Alice’s studio- WOW!! We were beyond shocked, wall to wall LEGO bricks and parts. It was so amazing. We were honored to be welcomed in her space, of course she is super modest so if we did not have that project I would have had to ask for a tour! I felt like I was in Billund at the LEGO factory. The big difference now was that we could touch and play with everything! How generous of Alice to open her studio to us and help us with our models for a collaboration build that we want you to be apart of! We will announce more information shortly.

We have so many goals to empower women and see our vision go global. We are trying to find new ways of finding you, so please reach out to us. We recently created a private group within our WBI facebook so please join!

“Empowered women- empower women”

Thank you for reading!


Gretchen loves LEGO as much as she loves building websites, which makes being part of the WBI Team as fitting as two perfectly aligned bricks.

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