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Better Together – building competition wrap up

Published December 30, 2019 By Shelly Corbett | 0 Comments

Its time to wrap-up our first building competition: Better Together. When we announced our first contest back in early November our main goal was to engage our growing audience of women and allies and to give away some LEGO. We accomplished both of these goals.

Honorable Mentions

We received a small but impressive set of entries. Each one crafted show cases women and the impact they have in our lives. Before we get to our grand prize winner let’s take a look at a few standout builds.

Carlsbad Caverns ~ by legoparkranger

The caves show multiple techniques for achieving rock texture and of course some stalagmites and stalactite deposits. If you look closely, there is even a bat hanging out on the left edge of the frame.

Alice Finch
Cake baking! ~ by Irwanlast

I love the feeling of a bit of cooking chaos created by the use of a pinch of flour, the slightly tilted posing of the figs, the begging cat, and the tipped over cup on the floor. The lighting through the window casts a warm glow and the use of objects behind the window and door make it look like the scene continues past the limits of the plate.

Alice Finch
Laundry (or the day my boys helped more than normal) – by fabricengineer

I particularly like the clothes hanging on the line and the appearance of a system for how your family does laundry. The details make a difference- like the hands removed from the torsos and the bins for different kinds of waiting laundry. And bonus points for you teaching your boys to take an active part in household responsibilities.

Alice Finch

Grand Prize Winner

Our grand prize winner was Malasian builder Angela Chung. Both of Angela’s builds caught the attention of our judges. While The Garden was the first choice, I’ve included both builders for your enjoyment.

This scene is nicely framed with the picket fence and anchored in the center with a densely blooming tree that makes good use of the still-on-sprue flower technique to tilt the shape of the tree towards the viewer. A low curving wall and a few plants and flowers add layers that end in the pond and turtle in the forefront and provide spots for the well placed figs to be working harmoniously together in the garden.

Alice Finch
The Garden – by Angelasbricks

For Angela’s efforts, we awarded her a LEGO Ginger Bread House (set #10267). Thank you The LEGO Group for providing our prize!

Second build

Thank you!

Thank you to all the participants of our first building contest! Now that we are a LEGO Recognized On-Line Community we will be able to offer more contests in 2020! Stay tuned for more workshops, contest and more fun as we promote the creative talents of women in the LEGO community throughout 2020!

HAPPY NEW YEAR from all of us at The Women’s Brick Initiative!

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