Would you like to get more involved in WBI? We’re recruiting!

Breaking news: Now recruiting for contributors!

Interested in getting more involved in the LEGO community, particularly around diversity, equity, and inclusion? WBI is looking for contributors in all aspects of our outreach – including research, social media work, member recruitment/retention, and more! Help us demonstrate our motto: Clutch holds more than bricks together.

For more details, please see the images in this post. If you’re interested, please fill out the Google form here.

About WBI

We are dedicated to inspiring girls and women to build with LEGO. We want to demonstrate that the simple plastic brick can be used in a variety of creative ways beyond traditional building. Through bricks, photography and jewelry we transform bits of plastic into items of beauty and magical worlds.
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  1. I am a zero generation Lego builder, had some of the original sets from the late 60s. Just sent a test email reaching out.😛

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